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Moving out-of-state to or from San Francisco can be a headache if you are not prepared. However, hiring a professional San Francisco based mover, with experience in handling long distance moves, can make your life a whole lot easier. Not to mention, having a professional do the work might even save you money. Cheap Movers San Francisco works hard to help you find licensed, insured movers that service interstate moves to and from the Bay Area. Now you can find affordable moving services you can trust with less hassle!

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Tips for Your Long-Distance Relocation

We’ve been in the moving business for a while, so we know a thing or two about out-of-state moves. Here are some of our top tips for tackling your relocation:

Always Use Professional Movers

The biggest moving headaches come from people who want to cut costs and deal with less than professional movers. An unprofessional mover may not be experienced in transporting certain goods such as breakfronts, large furniture or other delicate items such as lamps, statues or pianos. A professional mover has trained staff that are experts at moving anything found in a residence or business.


Always Get an In-Home Estimate

You should always have the movers come to your home and give you an estimate based on a visual inspection of all the items that need to be moved. This will give you the best estimate of how much the move will cost. An in-home estimate considers the number of items as well as the weight of each item. This quote will also include the cost of extra services such as packing, furniture disassembly, storage, hoisting, as well as unpacking. With an in-home estimate, you will get a clear picture of how much the move will cost.

Do A Background Check on Your Potential Mover

Sadly, there are some nightmare stories of families who used movers who were less than reputable. However, you can easily check a mover’s reputation through various moving review sites. Additionally, you can check the electronic record of any mover through this DOT site. This company snapshot will let you know if the moving company has a USDOT number on file with the government. Cheap Movers San Francisco does this background work for you. We check to the documentation of our moving partners to ensure they’re licensed and insured before they ever contact you.


Beware of Low Ball Estimates

No one wants to overpay for a mover. However, you also don’t want to be lured into hiring a poor mover because of a very low estimate. If you find an estimate that is suspiciously cheap, check the quote to ensure that they have itemized all the services needed to safely move every single item you intend to move. If the estimate is not itemized, chances are this mover may try to add-on extra cost after taking your possessions. Additionally, some movers may even hold your items until you pay the extra costs not on the estimate.


Minimize Items Before A Move

Remember, everything you move costs money. So, it may make sense to sell any items that you are sure you don’t want to bring with you. Certain items, like an old bookshelf, may cost you more to move than it is worth. By selling off these items, you can not only reduce your moving costs, but you can help finance a portion of your move.

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Making your out-of-state move is pain-free when you hire a professional mover with a proven track record. Cheap Movers San Francisco helps you find the cream of the crop when it comes hiring a long distance moving company. Count on us for:


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