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How to Use Stretch Wrap When Packing and Moving

Stretch wrap is an invaluable tool when preparing to move to new home. Available at most home improvement stores, it can help secure and protect your items from damage during transit. So, what are some of the different ways that you can use stretch wrap when moving?

What Is Stretch Wrap?

Also known as stretch film, stretch wrap consists of sheets of flexible plastic film. As the name suggests, it’s able to stretch without breaking. According to Phoenix Wrappers, it was invented during the 1970s, and since then, it’s become a key item used for transporting products. Here are some of the ways you can use it during your relocation:

1. To Move Bundles of Clothes

One of the many ways in which you can use stretch wrap when moving is to secure bundles of clothes. Unless you have a box designed specifically for clothes — these boxes feature a built-in hanger — you’ll need some other solution to safely transport them. Using stretch wrap, you can secure dozens of shirts or garments together, enclosing them in a protective layer of plastic film. Even if the bundle falls on the ground or floor, you can rest assured knowing that your clothes are protected from damage.

2. Protect Paintings and Wall Decorations

You can also use stretch wrap to protect paintings, photos, artwork and other wall decorations. Unlike newspaper, stretch wrap won’t leach ink onto your decorations. Simply roll the stretch wrap around the painting or decoration several times, then place a single strip of tape over it to keep the end in place.

3. Bundle Power Cords and Cables

It’s frustrating when you move into a new home, only to realize that you’ve lost the power cord for your TV or computer. Statistics show that the average U.S. home has 50 electrical devices and appliances that constantly draw power. With so many plugged-in devices, it’s often difficult to keep track of all power cords and cables when moving. Wrapping them in stretch wrap, however, will keep them from getting lost while protecting them from moisture in the process. Just remember to label or mark the wrapped cords and cables so that it’s easy to identify or use more stretch wrap to secure the cord to each of your electronics.

4. Secure Furniture Drawers

You can even use stretch wrap to secure furniture drawers, preventing them from falling out during the move. As explained by Lifehacker, you should first remove any knobs or handles on the front of the furniture. Once removed, roll the stretch wrap around horizontally around the furniture several times. When finished, the stretch wrap should secure the drawers in place.

As you can see, stretch wrap can simplify your moving experience in several ways. Using this roll of plastic film, you can easily transport bundles of clothes, keep power cords and cables together, secure furniture drawers, and more. For more tips, keep reading our blog, or find the best moving companies in the Bay Area with a few keystrokes and clicks!

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